What is Wiki Loves Earth?

Wiki Loves Earth is a photographic competition open to everybody. Pictures must portray local natural heritage and scenic landscape and must be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons.


Why Wiki Loves Earth – Italian Alps?

This is the first edition of Wiki Loves Earth in Italy. As a start we preferred to focus on a defined area. We are based in northern Italy so the Alps were the obvious choice. We plan to expand in the next years.


How to participate?

  1. Log in on Wikimedia Commons or create a new account
  2. Search on the list of alpine protected areas the subject of your pictures
  3. Click on the button “Upload image”, next to the description of the monument (in the right column of the table: it will appear in June)
  4. Follow the instructions on Wikimedia Commons and upload your photo(s)
  5. Repeat the procedure to upload as many pictures as you wish


Don’t forget that:

  1. You need a valid e-mail address connected to your Commons account, since if you win, we will contact you via email: you can check if you have one in your Commons Preferences
  2. You have to be the author of the pictures you upload
  3. Pictures have to be uploaded during June (from the first of the month ‘till the 30th)
  4. Pictures have to be released under a CC-BY-SA license
  5. The subject of the pictures has to be one of the alpine protected natural areas from the lists
  6. Pictures have to contain the identification code of the depicted area
  7. You can participate with as many pictures as you wish
  8. You can also participate with old pictures, but you still have to be the author of them


About the organizer

Wiki Loves Earth – Italian Alps is organized by InFormAzioni, an association based in northern Italy, and supported by WikiAlpenforum, an international and multilingual project which aims to expand content about the Alps.